Italian bubble and squeak

/ 13 August 2016


– 1 head of cavolo nero (10 leaves)

– 1 baking potato, cubed into Parmentier size

– Half a block of taleggio or gorgonzola cheese (stilton would work also)

– 1 pack of air cured/dried ham. Preferably prosciutto di parma

– 3 burford brown eggs

– Half a packet of pine nuts

– Chives



  1. Chop the potatoes into small cubes, size of a dice and sautee in butter for a few minutes.
  2. Into a pan of boiling, salted water, pop in the cavolo nero for just less than a minute, remove and cool immediately in ice water
  3. Toast pine nuts, set to one side
  4. Grease a terracotta dish/oven dish with a little butter and add the potatoes and cabbage in layers, before dotting with the parma ham, cheese. Break the eggs over the top and bake.
  5. Finish with the pine nuts and chives