Sex: marathon or sprint?

/ 22 February 2017

This week on Sex Pod, Jake came in to ask a very important question. He’d been watching porn and couldn’t quite get his head around how the male porn stars could maintain an erection for so long without ejaculating – he claimed they lasted from 40 minutes to an hour on average.

When asked how long he could maintain an erection Jake described his penis as somewhat unpredictable. He said how long he lasts can vary “from seconds to no longer than half an hour. I’d say I’ve got an average penis with about an average lasting time.”

So just how do porn stars last so long?

Jake assumed that porn stars were just lucky enough to be built to last for at least 40 minutes, but our panel of experts reminded him about how porn is more film production than sex.

Just like on any other film set, filming is often interrupted on porn sets and so stops and starts. Porn stars may use Viagra or special injections to maintain an erection for a long period of time, but there are also “fluffers” on set whose jobs are to help porn stars maintain their erection between takes.

Basically, it’s all fake and that’s why you should never compare how long you last to how long a porn star appears to.

But how long is the average lasting time?

An NHS study of 500 couples from five different countries put the average ejaculation time during intercourse as five-and-a half minutes. However there is no wrong or right amount of time that you should be having sex for – like most things it depends on the circumstances.

How long is too little?

It is up to you and your sexual partner to decide on whether you are satisfied with how long you last or not. There is no way anyone else should be dictating how you feel about your sex life, and if you and your partner are having enjoyable sex that you are both happy with then there is no reason to worry.

Premature ejaculation is a common issue for men, both as one-offs and in occasional episodes. It can have both physical and psychological causes. For example, premature ejaculation could be caused by prostate or thyroid problems, or by recreational drug-use. It can also be caused by depression, anxiety or stress.

If you are finding that you are ejaculating prematurely around half of the time you are attempting to have sex then you might need to visit a doctor. The main thing to note if you are suffering from premature ejaculation is that you are not alone – there are plenty of ways you can seek help, and plenty of remedies available to help you.

How can I last longer?

Although many choose to opt for Viagra as a solution to premature ejaculation, there are downsides to taking it. Dr. Lauren Bull, our Genitourinary Medicine Specialist on Sex Pod, described how one of those downsides is the risk that you may become psychologically dependent on it to get an erection. Which would NOT be ideal.

If you don’t think Viagra’s your thing you could use a cock ring which you slide to the base of your erect penis using lubricant. Cock rings help to keep the blood flow tight around your penis, giving you a longer lasting erection.

Other ways you can last longer include masturbating an hour or two before sex, taking breaks during sex to think about other not-so-sexy things, or even just taking a deep breath (it shuts down the ejaculatory reflex temporarily).