Merpeople classes in Bristol

/ 15 March 2018

Mermaid Stacie Orban is speaking up for the Merpeople of Bristol. She is parting the waves to get the recognition she feels they deserve.

Public swimming pools don’t allow mermaids to swim wearing their tails, meaning Stacie has to go ‘wild swimming’, often in dangerous locations such as the sea, rivers, or outdoor waterways. Stacie says local authorities in Bristol should be more accepting of mermaids.

She is calling on Council Chiefs to think again about their ban, and says the danger of the tails in pools have been exaggerated.

Stacie has been appealing for other Merpeople and anyone else who shares her passion for swimming with a tail, to get in touch so she can form a community of Merpeople in the Bristol area. We wanted to help, so, Do The Right Thing got in touch with Bristol City Council and their Everyone Active pools to call for specific sessions so that Mermaids can swim safety. Happily they agreed, and Everyone Active are now planning to run Merpeople swimming classes.

If you would like more information on this story, or to try out a Merpeople class for yourself, please get in touch with Gary at