Recalled white goods

/ 22 March 2018

There are nearly 5,000 house fires every year – that’s more than 13 every day – caused by faulty electrical white goods in the home. ‘White goods’ are everyday electrical items most people find in their homes, such as fridges, washing machines, freezers, tumble dryers and dishwashers. A lot of homeowners are unaware they have a faulty, dangerous white good appliance in their home, which, if left undetected, can potentially result in devastating consequences.

Noel Davies shares his story on Do The Right Thing, highlighting the risks of purchasing second hand, faulty home appliances. In July 2014, Noel’s whole house burnt down after the secondhand fridge-freezer he bought on Gumtree caught fire. Luckily, no one was in Noel’s house at the time, but the blaze ripped through the entire house causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Noel discovered the secondhand fridge-freezer he had been sold had been on the recall list and was dangerous. He was furious that he didn’t know he was buying something so lethal.

The government recently announced that they are creating a centralised recall database, where anyone can find out if any product is subject to a recall. However, this does not mean that all secondhand electrical goods are checked to see if they are on the list before they are sold. Charlie Pugsley, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, thinks that the sale of secondhand electrical goods still needs tightening up.

Alongside the London Fire Brigade, Do The Right Thing are calling on second hand shops, as well as online marketplaces, to regulate and check the white goods that they sell. The London Fire Brigade itself have found countless white goods in London shops, some of which are commonly known to have caused fatal fires.

If you’re worried about any electrical goods in your home and want to know if it has been recalled, then please visit:

Also, if you have any white goods in your home, make sure to have them registered. You can register any appliance up to 12 years old, even if you bought it secondhand or it is already in your home. For more information, please visit