Roo's story

/ 25 January 2016
One year old whippet/border collie cross Roo was found on the streets of Romania, missing her two front legs, but has since found a much happier life in North East England.

Dog rescuer Nicki Dick adopted Roo, so called because her manner of walking on two legs resembled that of a kangaroo. While she seemed content with her unique walking style, it was putting excess strain on her spine, leaving her at risk of health problems including arthritis.

To combat this, Nicki organised several fundraisers, and was able to buy Roo a set of custom-made wheels, developed with the help of Roo over six months. She’s still getting used to life on wheels, but has recently managed to transition from three wheels to two.

While wheels have had a positive impact on Roo’s life, they may not be an appropriate solution for all doggy mobility problems, so be sure to check in with a vet for advice on the best mobility solutions for you and your pooch.