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Alfred Pennyworth

4pm | 07 January 2016

What secrets does the Wayne family butler hide behind his calm demeanour?

Barbara Kean

4.01pm | 07 January 2016

James Gordon's crazed ex-fiancée finds herself at the mercy of the Arkham Asylum.

Bruce Wayne

4.04pm | 07 January 2016

Meet the boy that would turn into one of Gotham's most legendary crusaders.

Butch Gilzean

4.05pm | 07 January 2016

Gotham's finest mobster, Butch is a weapon to be handled with care.

Detective James Gordon

4.06pm | 07 January 2016

Can Detective James Gordon be Gotham's new 'law man'?

Edward Nygma

4.07pm | 07 January 2016

Nygma's riddles mask a darker truth behind his awkward personality.

Selina Kyle

2.15pm | 25 January 2016

A young orphan, Selina is suspicious and wholly unpredictable. After striking up a friendship with Bruce, she became well known…

Oswald Cobblepot

2.17pm | 25 January 2016

With the brains of a chess Grandmaster and the morals of a jackal, Oswald Cobblepot will do just about anything…

Harvey Bullock

2.18pm | 25 January 2016

Jim Gordon's partner and ally, Detective Harvey Bullcok is an old-school tough-talker who’s shrewd, charming, brash and resourceful. Harvey knows the…

Leslie Thompkins

2.23pm | 25 January 2016

The medical examiner at Gotham City Police Department, Leslie Thompkins quickly fell into a romance with Jim Gordon. Leslie is fiercely…

Butch Gilzean

2.25pm | 25 January 2016

Mob enforcer Butch was poached from the side of Fish Mooney by Penguin, and following some 'work' by the hands…

Theo Galavan

3.20pm | 25 January 2016

Theo Galavan is the mayor of Gotham City and the chairman of development at the Gotham Chamber of Commerce. Under…

Tabitha Galavan

3.24pm | 25 January 2016

The loyal sister of Theo Galavan, Tabitha has a dangerous thirst for violence and will harm anyone who gets in…


12.27pm | 16 February 2016

The last of his kind, Allanon is a wise and perceptive Druid. He knows when the Ellcrys tree begins to…


12.29pm | 16 February 2016

Amberle is the first female member to be accepted into The Chosen, an elite group of elves responsible for the…


12.39pm | 17 February 2016

Ander has a reputation has a party boy, but the Elven Prince must put his reputation on hold to help his…


12.47pm | 17 February 2016

Raised by a group of thieves called The Rovers, Eretria is a born survivor. After rescuing Wil from danger, she…

King Eventine

12.50pm | 17 February 2016

Flanked by his sons Ander and Arion, King Eventine has ruled over the Elven kingdom of Arborlon for decades. But…


12.53pm | 17 February 2016

After learning he is the last son of the legendary Shannara family, Wil - half-human half-elf - gets recruited to revive…

Courtney: The Rebel

1.21pm | 09 April 2016

19 year-old podium dancer Courtney rebels at every given opportunity. After being given a tough start in life, she was…

Charlie: Mr Vain

10.22am | 10 April 2016

For 17 year-old Essex boy Charlie, image is everything. He spends two hours every morning getting ready and is terrified…

Alex: Precocious Princess

2.06pm | 13 April 2016

16 year-old Precocious princess Alex is a self-confessed daddy’s girl. She loves her eyebrows, shopping, and getting her own way,…

Ethan: Mr Lazy

2.44pm | 13 April 2016

18 year-old Ethan is the archetypal lazy teenager, not leaving his bed until 2pm and staying up until 3am on…

Quentin Coldwater

4.26pm | 28 April 2016

Quentin has a history of depression and has always longed to live in the Narnia-esque world of his favourite ‘Fillory…

Alice Quinn

4.27pm | 28 April 2016

Coming from a family of magicians, Alice is the model student at Brakebills, often finding herself targeted by the ‘cooler…

Julia Wicker

4.28pm | 28 April 2016

Julia is Quentin’s childhood friend and long-term unrequited love interest. After taking the Brakebills entrance exam alongside Quentin, she is…

Eliot Waugh

4.29pm | 28 April 2016

One of Quentin’s first acquaintances at Brakebills, Elliot is hugely gifted in physical magic and possesses a wickedly sarcastic sense…

Dani Sinha

4.24pm | 14 August 2016

Dani is a presenter/reporter at 5 News. She’s covered big stories such as Paris and Brussels attacks. She regularly presents…

Ruth Liptrot

4.24pm | 15 August 2016

Ruth joined 5 News in April 2006, becoming synonymous with the 'and finally' story. She’s also reported from the Oscars…

Simon Vigar

4.24pm | 19 August 2016

Simon's had a front row seat at the biggest Royal and sporting events in recent years, including weddings, Royal tours,…

Julian Druker

4.24pm | 19 August 2016

Julian is a correspondent on 5 News covering stories across the UK and around the world.  He has reported extensively…

Catherine Jones

4.24pm | 20 August 2016

Catherine’s special health investigations have included exposing the illegal sale of cosmetic injections, examining a link between sugar intake and…

Peter Lane

4.24pm | 21 August 2016

Peter was on the original launch team of 5 News and is an RTS award-winning journalist. He’s covered many of…

Tessa Chapman

4.24pm | 22 August 2016

Tessa has been Chief Correspondent for 5 News since July 2011, covering breaking domestic and international stories. Her first assignment…

Andy Bell

4.24pm | 23 August 2016

In more than a decade as 5 News’s Political Editor Andy has reported on elections, resignations and scandals. He has…


3.51pm | 01 February 2017

Adria Arjona (True Detective) stars as Dorothy Gale, a 20-year-old nurse who works at a hospital in her hometown of…

The Wizard

3.56pm | 01 February 2017

Emmy Award®-nominee Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) stars as the Wizard of Oz. A powerful man with…


4.15pm | 01 February 2017

Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Raven) stars as Lucas. A handsome stranger of unknown origins, Lucas is discovered by Dorothy bloodied, covered…


4.17pm | 01 February 2017

Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) stars as Glinda. The polar opposite of her sister, West, Glinda runs a nunnery that practices chastity…


4.19pm | 01 February 2017

Ana Ularu (Outbound) stars as West, one of the Cardinal Witches of Oz. Beautiful, sensual and wickedly petulant towards the…


4.24pm | 01 February 2017

Florence Kasumba (Dominion) plays East, one of the Cardinal Witches of Oz. Known for being stern yet merciful, East is…

Claudia-Liza Armah

11.15am | 18 May 2018

Claudia-Liza Armah presents 5 News Tonight. She is passionate about engaging with viewers and putting people at the heart of stories.…

Sian Williams

1.01pm | 25 August 2018

Sian is an award-winning journalist who's worked in broadcast news for more than thirty years - as a reporter, producer…

TV Guide

5.09pm | 08 January 2016

Inside The Gang: Blog

3.22pm | 12 January 2016

Gangs operate in most of London’s inner cities dealing drugs, thieving and committing acts of extreme violence. The drive to…

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3.54pm | 12 January 2016

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3.54pm | 12 January 2016

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4.08pm | 12 January 2016

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