/ 31 January 2019

There are now believed to be more mobile phones in the world than people and the average Brit checks their mobile phone 100 times a day. We end up spending hours a day on their phones messaging friends, posting on social media and using different apps.

Eamonn looked into how much time we really spend on our phones each day. He took to the streets, asking people to view their phone’s screen time data – and people were shocked by how long they spend on their phone.

As we grow increasingly dependent on our own devices, people are attempting to walk and text at the same time – this has christened the term ‘smombies’ – as in smartphone and zombie. Sadly, this issue can have devastating consequences; by multitasking in this way, people are distracted from oncoming traffic. Stephen Bailey hit the streets asking people why they were walking in texting with interesting responses…

Love Island’s Dr Alex joined Eamonn and Ruth in the studio to talk about the potential danger of walking and texting. Having worked in Accidents and Emergency Departments, he is well aware of how it can have catastrophic effects.

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