The Death Penalty Project

/ 25 January 2016

The Death Penalty Project (DPP) is a London-based charity providing free legal representation, advice and assistance to those facing the death penalty worldwide.

The DPP works to promote and protect the human rights of those facing execution, as well as vulnerable prisoners, including juveniles, prisoners who are serving long term sentences and those who suffer from mental health issues.

For over 20 years, the DPP has acted in a number of landmark cases in Belize playing a critical role in identifying a significant number of miscarriages of justice, promoting minimum fair trial  guarantees in capital cases, and establishing violations of domestic and international law. In 2014, the DPP published a report, ‘Behind the Prison Gates’, which focused on mentally ill prisoners, young offenders and those serving life sentences in Belize Central Prison. The report also highlighted the case of Glenford Baptist, who was then the last prisoner on death row in Belize.

For more information about the work of The Death Penalty Project, please visit their website:

The Death Penalty Project is registered with the UK Charities Commission under the registered charity number 1115035.