/ 31 January 2019

Tuneless choirs are a sensational phenomenon that unite people across the country. The new form of singing group calls for people to sing like nobody’s listening’. It allows for those people who can’t hold a tune to sing their hearts out with their fellow tuneless members.

Nadine Cooper put together the first Tuneless Choir group in 2016 after having spent her life being teased for singing badly. She even remembers how her music teacher said to her, aged 11, that she should stop signing as she “was spoiling it for everyone else”.

Her first choir was based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, and has been very successful. There will soon be 29 Tuneless Choirs across the country, with 7 launching in early 2019. The choir’s aim is to simply provide a place to sing purely for enjoyment, with no need to improve!.

Each choir has roughly 40 people singing, and the biggest of all can be found in Sutton Coldfield where there are 140 members.

The London Hackney Tuneless Choir joined Ruth and Eamonn on stage. They announced how they were planning to launch their group by the end of January. The choir has been set up by Talibah Rivers, who is singer with a passion for jazz. But only a few had signed up, causing the stage to appear quite empty.

Fortunately, Talibah also runs the Vauxhall Tuneless Choir, which has attracted nearly 30 members so far. They joined the Hackney choir on stage in order to boost the numbers, and together they regaled the audience with their edition of I Will Survive. Hopefully, through appearing on Do The Right Thing, the London Hackney Tuneless Choir will find more members.


If you’d like to join the Hackney Tuneless Choir, please visit: https://www.tunelesschoir.com/join-another-tuneless-choir/london-hackney-tuneless-choir/


If you’d like to find out if there’s a Tuneless Choir near you, please visit: https://www.tunelesschoir.com/


If you’d like to find out more about the health benefits of singing, please visit: https://www.evidence.nhs.uk/search?q=singing