S23 E3: Versus - Car Wash

/ 1 March 2016

Ortis and Amy are getting down and dirty by taking on a professional car valet at his own game. With a parking lot full of filthy motors needing to be washed, will their state-of-the-art equipment be enough to help them to victory?

Featured Tech

Karcher K4 Full Control Home

Best Price: £199.99

Karcher Foam Nozzle

Best Price: £19.99

Clarke JET9000

Best Price: £191.98

VAX PowerWash 1700W

Best Price: £59.00

Dodo Juice Wash Mitt

Best Price: £23.95

Microfiber Madness Incredimitt

Best Price: £15.00

MetroVac Air Force Master Blaster

Best Price: £345.00

MetroVac Air Force Sidekick Blaster

Best Price: £99.00

Gtech Multi

Best Price: £149.00

Dyson DC58 Animal

Best Price: £219.99

Black and Decker dustbuster Flexi

Best Price: £59.99

HUSQVARNA Backpack Industrial Leaf Blower 580BTS

Best Price: £532.01

With Thanks:

The Clean Car Company