Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!

Please note that before we can announce the names of winners of our competitions, Channel 5 must first verify their entry and their name and address. This can take up to 28 days, so if the winner of a recent competition is not currently shown, please be patient while we confirm details.

The Gadget Show S29 Competition 1 20.03.19

Prize:  A big bundle of Gadgets and Tech

Winner: Zoe Greenslade

Great British Ships Competition 20.09.18

Prize:  A hotel stay in London

Winner: Adam Fleming

Around the World by Train Competition 25.02.19

Prize:  £5,000

Winner: Margaret Feeney

Wonderful World of Puppies Competition 03.10.18

Prize:  £3,000

Winner: Mark Sing

The Dog Rescuers Competition 20.12.18

Prize:  £5,000

Winner: Linda Lindley

The Bachelor UK Competition 04.03.19

Prize: A trip to Sandal Antigua Resort and £1,000

Winner: Naomi Rolfe

Springtime on the Farm Competition 04.04.19

Prize: A trip to Yorkshire, the Farm and £1k

Winner: Sally Abbott

Yorkshire Vet Competition 1 26.02.19

Prize: A trip to Yorkshire and £1k

Winner: Nadia Howarth

Secret Scotland Competition 08.02.19

Prize: A trip to two Scottish locations

Winner: Margaret Kerr

Posh Hotels with Sally and Nigel Competition 01.02.19

Prize: A stay at the winners choice of hotel from the series.

Winner: Nicola Hancock

Home and Away Competition 29.01.19

Prize: Home and Away goodies and £5k

Winner: Andrew Pemberton

Red Arrows Competition 09.01.19

Prize: Hospitality tickets at the RIAT and a hotel stay

Winner: Maria Dawson

Drama Competition 1 07.01.19

Prize: Drama DVDs a trip to Vegas and £1k

Winner: Kate Webster

Bargain Brits in the sun Competition 10.01.19

Prize: A holiday to Costa Del Sol and £1k

Winner: Judith Roberts

Cruising with Jane Competition 20.12.18

Prize:  £5,000

Winner: Keith Jones

Hotel Inspector Checking In Checking Out Competition 08.01.19

Prize:  A hotel stay and £1000

Winner: Ann-Marie Stott

Chris Tarrant Extreme Rails Competition 07.01.19

Prize:  A trip to Vietnam and £500

Winner: Mary Turnbull

Celeb 5 Go Camping Competition 04.01.19

Prize:  A camping trip and £500

Winner: Jason Wallader

DHL: Delivering the World Competition 11.01.19

Prize:  £3000

Winner: Shirley Burridge

How the Victorians Built Britain Competition 31.08.18

Prize:  A trip to Cragside and a stay at Matfen Hall plus £500

Winner: Philip Woodgate

Cruising Down Under Competition 04.01.19

Prize:  A Cruise in Australia and £2,000

Winner: Sara Brooks

Oxford Street 24/7 Competition 29.11.18

Prize:  A stay at the Langham London and £1,000

Winner: Helen Ruse

Britain by Boat Competition 23.11.18

Prize:  A trip to Fowey and £1,000

Winner: Sylvia Alcock

Neighbours Competition 05.12.18

Prize:  A trip to Oz and New Zealand

Winner: Lynn Gillett

Paddington Competition 17.09.18

Prize: A GWR Pullman dining trip, hotel stay and £500

Winner: Shaun O’Connor

The Gadget Show  S28 Competition 3 23.11.18

Main Prize: A massive Gadget and Tech bundle

Winner: Elizabeth Lennox

Runner Up Prize: A £1k Gadget Bundle

Winners: Ashley Speight, Mat Simmons, Kerry Chamley, Aisha Waheed, Anne Bates-Meegan

Yorkshire Vet Competition 09.10.18

Prize: 7 night lodge stay in Yorkshire and £1k

Winner: John Lawler

World’s Strongest Man 2019 Viewer Competition 12.12.18

Prize: Strong Man goodies and £10,000 cash

Winner: Antony Brace

UK Strongman and Ultimate Strongman Competition 27.11.18

Prize: A trip to 2019 competition and £1k

Winner: Robert Overthrow

Inside the Tower of London Competition 23.10.18

Prize: A trip to London and £1,000

Winner: Lloyd Lugsden

Drama Competition 6 16.10.18

Prize: A trip to Norway and £1,000

Winner: Sarah Bradshaw

The Great Model Railway Challenge Competition  04.10.18

Prize: A trip to the Lakes and £1,000

Winner: Graham Wood

Neighbours  3 Competition 04.09.18

Prize: A trip to Queensland and £1k

Winner: Aimee Johnson

Home and Away 4 Competition 11.09.18

Prize: £5000

Winner: Hannah Griffiths