Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!

Please note that before we can announce the names of winners of our competitions, Channel 5 must first verify their entry and their name and address. This can take up to 28 days, so if the winner of a recent competition is not currently shown, please be patient while we confirm details.

The Gadget Show S33 Competition C 01.04.21
Main Prize: A huge Gadget bundle

Main Winner: Tara Oliver

Runner Up Prize: A Runner Up Gadget Bundle
Runner Up Winner 1: Laura Lancaster

Runner Up Winner 2: Debra Thomas

Runner Up Winner 3: Stephen Mccue

Runner Up Winner 4: Daniel Harvey

Runner Up Winner 5: Pauline Sterling

Springtime on the Farm Competition 01.04.21
Main Prize: A visit to Cannon Hall Farm and 2 nights at Rudding Park, Harrogate

Main Winner: Diane Prigg 

Runner Up Prize: A Pair of one day tickets to 5 On The Farm
Runner Up Winner 1: Lucy McCarthy

Runner Up Winner 2: Wendy Robson

Runner Up Winner 3: Sally Bramford

Runner Up Winner 4: Maria Raeburn

Runner Up Winner 5: Lesley Byrne

Cruising with Jane Competition 04.12.20

Prize: A Cruise with Princess Cruises
Winner: Lisa Douglas 

Dogs Behaving Badly Competition 2 16.02.21
Prize: Stay at Holbeck Ghyll

Winner: Angela Robinson 

This Week on the Farm Competition 18.02.21
Prize: VIP Five on the Farm tickets and a stay at Oulton Hall

Winner: Name withheld 

Kate Humbles Coastal Walks Competition 19.02.21
Prize: Sidmouth Harbour Hotel stay

Winner: Douglas Young

Drama Competition 1 11.02.21
Prize: Gadgets and Drama DVDs

Winner: Celeste Taylor

The Gadget Show S33 Competition A 05.02.21
Prize: A Gadget bundle worth over £30k

Winner: Name withheld 

Big Weekends with Gregg Wallace Competition 12.02.21
Prize: A weekend away for 2 and £1,000

Winner: David Mark Bennie

Home & Away 1 Competition 10.02.21
Prize: Home & Away and tech goodies 

Winner: Chris Sheppard

Wonderful World of Chocolate Competition 05.02.21
Prize: A Chocolatey Trip for 4 to Cornwall

Winner: Melvyn Mendonca

The Gadget Show S33 Competition B 05.03.21
Prize: A Gadget bundle and 2022 Caribbean holiday! 

Winner: Dereck Dodds 

Secrets of Royal Palaces Competition 29.01.21
Prize: Trip to a Palace and a 3 night stay. 

Winner: Jacqueline Lister 

Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out Competition 08.01.21
Prize: Taffi Campers trip and  £1,000

Winner: Steven Watson

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun Competition 08.01.21
Prize: Spanish holiday and £1,000

Winner: John Aitken

Secrets of Royal Palaces Competition 22.12.20
Prize: Hever Castle Stay and £500

Winner: M Lyons

Yorkshire Vet S11 Competition 20.10.20
Prize: Brompton Lakes stay and £1,000

Winner: Alison Coley

Secrets of London Bridges Competition 06.01.21
Prize: A London stay 

Winner: Stewart Eaton

Dogs Behaving Badly Competition 1 05.01.21
Prize: A Dog-friendly Yorkshire stay

Winner: Hayley Smith 

Natural History Museum Competition 07.01.21
Prize: A visit to the Museum and London stay

Winner: Nigel Ellsmore

Drama 6 Competition 08.12.20
Prize: Drama DVDs, Gadgets and £1,000

Winner: Anita White

Neighbours Competition 10.11.20
Prize: £5,000

Winner: Keith Warhurst

The Thames with Tony Robinson Competition 1 06.01.20
A 3 night stay by the River Thames 
Winner: Helen Espinosa

The Gadget Show Competition 3 S32 20.11.20
Main Prize: A huge bundle of top Tech!
Main Winner: Craig Cockin

Runner Up Prize: Each Runner Up will receive a Gadget bundle worth £1,000
Runners Up : Stuart Combe, Steven East, Ian Davies, James Harvey, Benjamin Simpson

World’s Strongest Man Competition 11.12.20
World’s Strongest Man goodies and £5,000
Winner: Andrew Hawkins

Jo Brands Cats and Kittens Competition 19.11.20
Prize: £3,000
Winner: Dorothy Baker

Walking Britain’s Lost Railways Competition 27.11.20
Prize: A trip to Devon 
Winner: J Clarke