Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!

Please note that before we can announce the names of winners of our competitions, Channel 5 must first verify their entry and their name and address. This can take up to 28 days, so if the winner of a recent competition is not currently shown, please be patient while we confirm details.

Neighbours Competition 1 30.06.20
Prize: £5K BACS Transfer
Winner: Dorothy Mackay

Drama/ US Classics Competition 3 28.05.20
Prize: US Classics on DVD, Tech and £1K
Winner: Gareth Jones

The Gadget Show Competition 2 10.07.20
Prize: Gadgets, A Vegas trip and £2k
Winner: Dominic Sagar

This Week on the Farm Competition 16.06.20
Prize: A stay in Yorkshire & visit to Cannon Hall Farm
Winner: Teresa Gullefer

A Greek Odyssey with Bethany Hughes Competition 12.06.20
Prize: A Greek holiday
Winner: Drusilla Wieloch

The Yorkshire Vet Competition 28.04.20
Prize: A Yorkshire stay
Winner: Christine Glazier

Cruising with Jane Competition 01.05.20
Prize: £5000
Winner: Graham Gittens

World’s Most Luxurious Competition 30.08.19
Prize: £5000
Winner: Lynne Jones

Britain’s Busiest Railway Competition 1 10.06.20
Prize: 3 nights at Gayles Hall Barns in Yorkshire
Winner: Barbara Smith

Yorkshire Vet S10 Competition 1 17.03.20
Prize: 10 nights at Bowland Fell Caravan Park for up to 6 & £1k
Jilly Ryan

Worlds Most Scenic Railway Journeys S2 Competition 01.05.20
Prize: A trip on the Rovos Rail in South Africa
Winner: Patricia Wright

The Gadget Show Competition 1 S31 12.06.20
Prize: £30k RRP
Winner: Alistair Thomas

Around the World by Train S2 Competition 27.03.20
Prize: £5000.
Winner: Mark Eddies

Celebrity Britain by Barge Competition 14.02.20
Prize: A three night Barge trip and £1000.
Winner: Charlotte Stephson

All Aboard: The Yorkshire Steam Railway Competition 21.02.20
Prize: A Yorkshire stay and visit to the railway.
Winner: Brian McRobb

Drama 2 2020 Competition 24.03.20
Prize: A holiday in Dubai and Drama DVDs.
Winner: Ben Smith

Springtime on the Farm Competition 09.04.20
Prize: A Yorkshire stay and visit to Cannon Hall Farm.
Winner: Jonathon Sheldon

My New Greek Life Competition 11.02.20
Prize: A holiday to Greece and £1,000.
Winner: David Harrison

Walking Britain’s Lost Railways S2 Competition 07.02.20
Prize: A trip to Edinburgh and £1,000.
Winner: Heather Nelson

Dogs Behaving Badly Competition 18.02.20
Prize: A stay at Polurrian in Lizard, Cornwall and £1,000.
Winner: Ciorsdan Glass

WWE Competition 31.01.20
Prize: A trip to the WWE
Winner: Ben Hooper

Wild Animal Rescue Competition 20.01.20
Prize: A trip to Kielder
Winner: Wayne Gowlett

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun S3 Competition 09.01.20
Prize: A Teletext Holiday and £1,000.
Winner: Les Millington

All Inclusive: How do they do it? Competition 09.01.20
Prize: An All Inclusive break in Spain
Winner: Rita Bradeer

Red Arrows Competition 08.01.20
Prize: A trip to the RIAT with a hotel stay
Winner: John Haskett

Drama 1 Competition 07.01.20
Prize: Antigua holiday and DVDs
Winner: Rosemarie Hooper

Dogs Behaving Badly Competition 03.01.20
Prize: £5,000
Winner: Zoe Mcaleer

How the Victorians Built Britain Competition 03.01.20
Prize: A trip to the Headland Hotel
Winner: Stephen Benjamin

Secret Scotland Competition 03.01.20
Prize: A trip to Scotland
Winner: Lilia Donald

Holidaying with Jane Competition 03.01.20
Prize: £5,000
Winner: Jayne Fryer

Jane and Friends Competition 20.12.19
Prize: A Vegas trip and £1,000.
Winner: Kenneth Bagby

Wonderful World of Chocolate Competition 20.12.19
Prize: A trip to Zurich and £500
Winner: Marjorie Price

Worlds Most Scenic Competition 25.10.19
Prize: A Canadian Rail Adventure
Winner: Susan Harpin

British Ships S2 Competition 18.10.19
Prize: A stay at the Titanic Hotel in Belfast.
Winner: Nathan Sweetman

The Yorkshire Vet Competition 24.09.19
Prize: A trip to Yorkshire and £1000
Winner: Jean Harper

The Gadget Show Competition 3 S30

Main Prize: Gadgets Galore!

Main Winner: Mark Kingston

Runner Up Prize: Each Runner Up will receive a Gadget bundle worth £1,000.

Runner Up 1: Ian Bostock

Runner Up 2: Richard Paragreen

Runner Up 3: William Stokes

Runner Up 4: Ian Cooper

Runner Up 5: Anne Baron

The Gadget Show Competition S30 Series Long Bonus Draw

Prize: £10,000 worth of Gadgets

Winner: Graham Flack

Extreme Railways with Chris Tarrant Competition 02.12.19

Prize: A holiday in Ireland and £1000

Winner: Bill Consitt

Cruising with Jane Competition 29.11.19

Prize: A Stages Cruise and £1000

Winner: Amanda Francis

Neighbours 3 2019 Competition 25.11.19

Prize: A holiday to Melbourne

Winner: Emma Loveridge

Tutankhamun  Competition 26.11.19

Prize: A Nile Cruise and £500

Winner: Stephanie Harvey

Worlds Strongest Man Competition 2019 16.12.19

Prize: Holiday to Florida and £2000

Winner: Paul Richards

Runner Up Prize: A pair of VIP tickets to Giants Live

Runner Up Winner 1: Pearl Raymond

Runner Up Winner 2: Janice Greeves

Runner Up Winner 3: Sarah Gibson

Runner Up Winner 4: Alan Kenyon

Runner Up Winner 5: Gary Railton

Runner Up Winner 6: James Elliott

Runner Up Winner 7: Konrad Whitehouse

Runner Up Winner 8: Eleanor Tonkins

Runner Up Winner 9: Mark Carey

Runner Up Winner 10: Stuart Gaskell

Dog Rescuers Competition 04.06.19

Prize: £5000

Winner: Penny McLellan

UK Strong Man Competition 25.11.19

Prize: Tickets to the 2020 finals, hotel stay and £1000

Winner: Janet Johnson

Drama 5  Competition 05.11.19

Prize: Drama DVDs and a trip to Canada

Winner: Stella Hopkins

Caravanning with Shane Richie Competition 18.10.19

Prize: A 7 night Caravan Park stay and £1000

Winner: Patricia Conkie

The Gadget Show Competition 2 01.11.19

Prize: Gadgets and a trip to Berlin

Winner: Carl Mills

Home and Away Competition 08.10.19

Prize: A trip to Sydney and Cairns

Winner: Bekki Dunn

Great Model Railway Competition 13.09.19

Prize: A train-lovers trip away!

Winner: Derek Hayward

Celeb 5 Go Motorhoming Unpacked Competition 30.08.19

Prize: A Motorhome Holiday and £1000

Winner: Paul Smyth

Undercover Girlfriends Competition 28.10.19

Prize: A Villa holiday and £500

Winner: Jane Corbett

Posh Hotels @ 10pm Competition 12.09.19

Prize: A stay at one of the hotels from the series.

Winner: Deborah Gray

Inside the Tower of London Competition 2 17.09.19

Prize: A trip to the Tower and Hampton Court and £1k

Winner: Sue Parnell

The Gadget Show S30 Competition 1 04.10.19

Prize: A £30k Gadget Bundle

Winner: Jake Pointer

Drama 4 Competition 02.09.19

Prize: A trip to Tenerife

Winner: Anne McLoughlin

British Airways 24/7 Competition 05.09.19

Prize: £5,000

Winner: Neema Pitamber


Vegas 24/7 Competition 08.08.19

Prize: A trip to Vegas & £1,000

Winner: Simon Humphrey

Secrets of the National Trust Competition 1 23.04.19

Prize: A stay at Middlethorpe Hall and £500

Winner: Mr G Atkins

Secrets of the Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ship Competition 22.08.19

Prize: £5,000

Winner: Linda Clothier

Make or Break S2 Competition 31.01.19

Prize: A holiday in Panama.

Winner: Kim Connor

Big Week at the Zoo Competition 19.08.19

Prize: A hotel stay, trip to the Zoo with an animal encounter and £1000.

Winner: Susan Fellows

Neighbours 2 Competition  06.08.19

Prize: A Gold Coast Holiday

Winner: Emma Haslam

Hotel Inspector Competition  04.07.19

Prize: A stay at Ellenborough Park and £1000

Winner: John Cummings

Wonderful World of Chocolate Competition  21.06.19

Prize: A hotel stay in York and £500

Winner: Elaine Oake

Inside the Tower Competition  20.08.19

Prize: A hotel stay, trip to the Tower and £1,000

Winner: Vivienne Gellini

Cricket 3 Competition  22.08.19

Prize: A day of hospitality at Old Trafford

Winner: Timothy Lewis


Celeb 5 Go Barging Competition  18.07.19

Prize: A Canal trip and £1,000

Winner: Zoe Emma Millen

The Great Gardening Challenge Competition  02.07.19

Prize: A stay in the Cotswolds

Winner: Elisabeth Patterson