/ 7 February 2019

‘Wishing Trees’ is a new initiative blossoming throughout UK care homes. The incentive encourages elderly residents to make wishes and leave those wishes on the home’s ‘Wishing Tree’.

Ruth and Eamonn met 96-year-old Violet Mitchel who lives in a care home in Banbury and whose wish was to see Spitfire plane. As a teenager during the war, Violet worked in a factory that built and repaired parts for Spitfires. For many women, helping with the war effort meant they had more freedom, experienced new challenges, and had more independence than they’d never dreamed of. Violet remembers the time fondly, despite the fact that the work was hard, as she was also courting a young man called Frederic who would later become her husband.

Do The Right Thing took Violet to the RAF Museum in Hendon, London where Eamonn and Ruth reunite her with a Spitfire plane, bringing back fond memories of her late teenage years.

Jon Sneath, of Care UK says, ‘Once a wish has been fulfilled, suddenly there’s a renewed sense of possibility, residents become more hopeful and optimistic.’

Find out more about Care UK’s Wishing Tree Initiative: http://www.careuk.com/care-homes/wishing-trees

If you would like to organise a day out for an elderly individual, or someone with dementia, Care UK’s downloadable Good to Go Guide provides helpful advice and information: http://www.careuk.com/care-homes/good-to-go/guide