/ 15 February 2019


Ruth and her gorgeous four-legged friend, Maggie, signed up to Born Barikor’s  Exercise Like A Dog class having heard about the benefits for both pet and owner.

Born Barikor is a former athlete from East London. and decided he wanted to make exercise classes available for everybody. He came up with the idea for OurParks, which brings free group exercise classes to city parks.

Born has grown Our Parks to cover 32 boroughs. One of newest classes addresses the growing issue of obesity ….in dogs. Exercise Like A Dog is a 45 minute workout which aims to ‘channel the joy a dog feels playing their favourite games in the park, as well as the physical benefits’. In addition, it raises awareness of the importance of fitness in humans, as well as their four-legged friends.

For more information about OurParks and all their classes, including Exercise Like A Dog, visit: