/ 7 February 2019

Yodel is one of the largest delivery companies in the UK, delivering 155 million parcels every year for retailers and businesses across the country. However, they have been the subject of complaints, as customers often feel that their parcels have been mishandled. It seems parcels delivered when no one is in are left in places which Yodel deem to be “safe” but which customers do not.

Ruth highlighted David Hopper’s story. David lives in Sunderland and was informed by the suppliers of his broadband media router that they needed a signature on delivery of his parcel. So how surprised was David when he learnt the next day his parcel had been delivered to his house and left in his “safe place.” On his return home, he found a postage slip from Yodel saying his parcel had been left “in blue bin.” Fortunately, the parcel was there when he got home but David does not think his blue recycling council bin outside his house is a safe location to leave a piece of equipment worth hundreds of pounds.

Eamonn took up the case of Oliver Brown’s protein supplements delivered last October to his parents’ house in Nuneaton. According to the postage slip he received, his parcel had been left in a “safe place”. However, Oliver’s sizeable package was clearly visible under the doormat of his parents’ front doorstep.

Ruth shared Sara Hampson’s story. She was expecting a parcel delivery and specified she’d like it left in a “safe place” should no one answer the door. CCTV footage revealed that her delivery driver rang the doorbell of her home, looked around for places to leave her package and then threw the package up the driveway to her house.

Do The Right Thing contacted Yodel for a statement regarding their customer service and what they deem a safe place for parcels to be kept if we are out when the delivery is made:

“The safe and timely delivery of parcels is our priority and we apologise to any customers we have let down.

“We encourage retailers to ask customers, when they place their order, where they would like their parcels left if they are out. Where we do not receive specific instructions, our drivers use our guidelines. We regret that in these cases those guidelines were not followed and would like to apologise again and confirm that appropriate action has been taken.

“We have developed new services in response to consumer feedback, which are designed to enable customers to receive their deliveries where and when they want them. For example, customers can now change the delivery date, redirect their parcel or tell us where they would like it to be left, after their order has been shipped and up to an hour before it is due to arrive. Our satisfaction rates are increasing and we continue to encourage feedback as we strive to get every delivery right for every customer.”

If you are concerned about your courier service, contact: https://www.retailadr.org.uk/delivery-couriers/

If you’d like to find out more about your own delivery rights, visit:


If you’d like to look further into an issue regarding a courier service, visit: https://consumerarbitration.co.uk/courier-complaints-how-to-complain-about-a-delivery-courier/